The musician lives according to the sentence:

“Life without a viola da gamba is possible – but pointless”.


Curiosity is what characterizes the person and artist Jakob Rattinger:

At the age of 16, this led him to the conservatory in Vienna. He then quenched his thirst for knowledge at the music academy in Nuremberg and at the Schola Cantorum Basiliensis.

Driven by the desire to make the gamba and its exquisite music more accessible to more people, a career as a continuist and soloist followed. This resulted in invaluable encounters with wonderful colleagues in the field of early music – and beyond.


As a soloist , Jakob Rattinger is one of the most notable representatives of the small but fine group of excellent viol players – with rarely heard technical brilliance and a great deal of youthful esprit.

This is what the radio DRS2 sounded like :
“Rattinger sings bewitchingly beautiful on his gamba, only to tear across the strings at hellish speed, like a rock musician.”

Or the feuilleton of the Süddeutsche Zeitung:
“How Jakob Rattinger became a world star on the viola da gamba”

A special passion of the gamba player are concerts, where he sits alone on the stage, makes music and tells stories through the musical world of the viola da gamba.


The instrument of his life, the viola da gamba – also known as gamba for short – has accompanied him since childhood.

At the age of 11 he began to learn the art of playing the gamba at the music academy in his hometown of Graz.

From the very beginning his passion for early music and the gamba connected him with Nikolaus Harnoncourt, who also came from Graz, and who had a special influence on him.


In addition to his artistic activity, cultural management is the main focus of the artist. Rattinger enjoys being the linchpin between artists, the public, politics and administration, creating culture and bringing it to the people. It is particularly important to him to break down barriers to the audience and to create unique moments.

The Schrobenhausen Baroque Days , founded in 2008, stand out here , inviting you to the beating asparagus heart of Bavaria with exciting cultural mediation concepts, chamber music, readings, theater, orchestral concerts, oratorios and opera.

Another gem worth emphasizing is the YouTube channelWorld of Fine Music” , on which the first video received over 1.2 million views

„World of Fine Music“ – Mit diesem innovativen Projekt trägt der Künstler in Pandemiezeiten etwas dazu bei außergewöhnliche Kunst in die heimischen Wohnzimmer zu bringen. Momentan sind 8 Videos erschienen.

Eine Fortsetzung als großbesetztes Format wird es Anfang 2022 mit dem Ensemble splendormusicae geben.

Die vom Künstler organisierte Barocktrionale Raitenhaslach und seine Musikseminare ruhen coronabedingt.